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Riesen Candy
Riesen  Candy
Sweet Tooth

Riesen Candy

  • I absolutely love the dark chocolate flavor on the outside mixed with the chewy and sweet caramel on the inside! in 27 reviews.

  • They are hard and chewy and you can't have just one..but you won't eat the whole bag either, they're so rich! in 15 reviews.

  • These are my bestfriends absolute favorite candy ever, I believe she keeps them in business! in 10 reviews.

  • And it's a chocolate candy that actually lasts a pretty long time and is not gone after 15 seconds lol. in 9 reviews.

  • I love the mixture of textures between the chocolate coating and the caramel. in 6 reviews.

  • They can get stuck in your teeth, and are extremely chewy, so be careful if you have a loose tooth or you can't handle candy that does that. in 6 reviews.

  • After eating just one, my craving for something sweet is satisfied. in 6 reviews.

  • My favourite carmel candy, ever since I was a child. in 5 reviews.

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My grandfather turned me on to these lovely chocolatey caramel chews. The little squares will surprise you, you will chew and the taste just gets better. YUMMY

I used to think this candy would be very nasty but my boyfriend recently made me try it and it was delicious! Didn't know I was missing out on much.

I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but the smooth dark chocolate melts in your mouth that covers this delicious caramel. The caramel can be a bit thick and chewy but the flavor is on target.

Love the dark chocolate covering! I really think these could rip your teeth right out though. They are super rich, but it's a good thing because it keeps me from eating so many.

One great small chocolate candy! I've been eating these since I was a little kid, when they would be in our snack boxes that we would take on vacation. They are mouth watering good, just very chewy and will make your jaw hurt after awhile!

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How do you really pronounce RIESEN?


hit enter too soon lol.. she made a reason out of each one for why she loved him.

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Do these only come in milk chocolate or has anyone found in dark chocolate?


I'm not sure I've seen them in anything other than dark chocolate.

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How many calories are in the whole bag?


Way too many... but its worth it!

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