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Riesen Candy
Riesen  Candy
Sweet Tooth

Riesen Candy

  • Just be careful you don't try to bite into them right away - the caramel is pretty hard and will pull out fillings! in 62 reviews.

  • They are hard and chewy and you can't have just one..but you won't eat the whole bag either, they're so rich! in 61 reviews.

  • But, they are kind of hard to chew and stick to my teeth so as good as they are I never eat more than 1 in a sitting. in 58 reviews.

  • I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but this blend with the caramel is delightful and rich but not too much. in 19 reviews.

  • They are hard and chewy and you can't have just one..but you won't eat the whole bag either, they're so rich! in 13 reviews.

  • Riesens were always my favorite candy growing up, and I still love 'em! in 9 reviews.

  • And it's a chocolate candy that actually lasts a pretty long time and is not gone after 15 seconds lol. in 7 reviews.

  • I love the mixture of textures between the chocolate coating and the caramel. in 6 reviews.

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exteremly chewy! I had to suck on it for a while first before even beginnjng to chew! but I would definetly buy again

If you're a fan of chocolate and caramel then you'll love these. Just the right combo of both that if satisfies any chocolate lovers craving.

My husbands and my favorite late night snack! Chewy, chocolatey and full of caramel. Very addicting, we usually eat the whole bag!

Delicious is the best word to describe these wonderful chocolate candies. Worst part about these is they are so addicting. I can never eat just one

super chewy and good love the chocolate around them delicious. my grade 5 teacher used to give them to us the best!!!

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Do these only come in milk chocolate or has anyone found in dark chocolate?

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How many calories are in the whole bag?

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Do these bring back childhood memories for anyone else? My grandparents love these, and I still do.

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