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Rescue® Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum
Rescue® Remedy  Natural Stress Relief Gum
Sweet Tooth

Rescue® Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum

  • The flavor doesn't last long maybe 30 seconds after you chew it, its gone and it does get a little hard to chew. in 18 reviews.

  • The flavor is nice and not overpowering, but only lasts maybe a minute or two, and after a short while the texture gets hard and gross. in 9 reviews.

  • However, I feel like the gum lost it's flavor and got hard very quickly so I spit it out after a few minutes. in 8 reviews.

  • The flavor did go away very quickly and left that "old gum that has been chewed way too long" taste in your mouth. in 7 reviews.

  • The flavor doesn't last long maybe 30 seconds after you chew it, its gone and it does get a little hard to chew. in 5 reviews.

  • The flavor didn't last to long (i mean it lasted longer than like zebra gum, but not as long as the usual supermarket brands like Orbit or whatever). in 5 reviews.

  • the liquid center was yummy but the gum got hard and lost its flavor afer about a minute. in 5 reviews.

  • I will admit I did feel a bit less stressed after chewing but I am not sure if that was just me trying to convince myself that it works. in 5 reviews.

Product description

Rescue Remedy® was developed by a doctor more than 75 years ago. RESCUE products help millions of women around the world stress less, stay calm and in control.* RESCUE provides gentle, non-habit forming relief from your everyday stresses like: • Planning a wedding • Juggling your hectic work-life schedule • Giving a presentation • Moving • Car trouble • Visiting the dentist • Taking an exam • Traveling RESCUE Remedy is available in several convenient formats to fit within your busy day. RESCUE Spray, Drops, Gum and Pastilles are easy to use, all-natural and safe for the entire family. Sold at: Whole Foods Markets, GNC and wherever you find natural products & health foods. Find out more at *These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Ugh. ItIt doesn't keep the flavor long and honestly, there was no "stress relief" that I felt. I kind of felt more agitated after trying this. Disappointing

I am not sure about this product quite standing up to what it is made out to be. The flavor is gone in a heart beat and it overall does not seem as pleasant as regular gum. I am not sure I would call it a stress relief, but maybe someone else can have a different reaction to it. Not for me though...its just short lived gum.

The flavor is awful 100% not a stress reliever it added more to mine I would not really send this to anyone

I enjoy this gum. Chewing gum helps relieve some of my anxiety. I get a dose of Rescue Remedy without smelling like alcohol (like when I take Rescue Remedy straight from the bottle). The flavor doesn't last long, kind do like Juicy Fruit gum, but it helps me with what I need it for.

Great for weddings

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Is this gum really worth buying?

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does this gum really work?

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How much does this gum cost? Will it give me a stomachache?


I've seen it for like $6 and it shouldn't give you a stomach ache but you should never chew gun in an empty stomach.

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