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Profusion Cosmetics
Profusion Cosmetics
Beauty Queen

Profusion Cosmetics

  • It's cheap and it doesn't have great pigmentation or lasting color but it's nice to practice with or for natural looks. in 172 reviews.

  • I especially love the eyeshadow palletes, they're very pigmented and I'm able to create fantastic looks with it. in 36 reviews.

  • I have a few Profusion eye shadow palletes and I really like all the fun bright colors I get to choose to fit my mood. in 32 reviews.

  • I have a few Profusion eye shadow palletes and I really like all the fun bright colors I get to choose to fit my mood. in 25 reviews.

  • I have the big palettes from the urban decay dupe, all the way to those color me glows and perfect 10 little palettes! in 17 reviews.

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I discover that the eye shadows had nice color pay off and stayed on almost all day. in 15 reviews.

  • i love profusion cosmetics all eyeshadows are very pigmented i also have the foundation, pressed powder and eyelash curler and they are one of the best things i spent money on..i love how you can get this at 99 cent stores in 14 reviews.

  • These cosmetics are very affordable, but the eyeshadow color payoff is awful and it doesn't last long at all on my lids. in 14 reviews.

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I have two eyeshadow pallets from profusion and they work very well for their price. They don't crease and they are very pretty.

I'm not a big fan of this brand. They formul is very powdery and falls every where. These would be good for kids who are just starting out because they are very affordable.

i discovered them a couple of years ago at walmart as a christmas set on clearance! i love their stuff, it is low price for high quality. i give it as gifts and use their blushes and powers on my clients. i wish they sold them regularly in the store instead of just on holidays, they have the cutest palettes!

I was skeptical of the price, but overall, they're good. I think it's kind of hit or miss with some products.

I've been using Profusion eye shadow for the past year and really like it. The colors definitely go on dark and bright, which can sometimes be difficult to blend. But I really like the color selections, price, and display.

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Are they safe to use especially the lipsticks and lip gloss palette


They smell really wierd. I would recommend elf if you are looking for cheaper makeup brands.

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Where can I get profusion cosmetics?


Dollar stores and other stores like Kmart

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How does this brand compare to ELF? are they similar? better? worse?


Like every brand out there, certain products are better than others, however I do think that elf may be a bit higher quality and less expensive depending on the items you buy.

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