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Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
Beauty Queen

Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

  • I have naturally wavy hair and this product helps to tame my hair and actually make the curls look beachy and gorgeous. in 161 reviews.

  • I have naturally straight hair and i spray this on it after I wash my hair and it gives my hair beautiful beach waves. in 147 reviews.

  • I love this spray, it smells great and doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy like some other sea salt sprays. in 126 reviews.

  • This is a wonderful product I have wavy/curly hair and my hair love it it just bring my look together so much better in 115 reviews.

  • It definitely gave my hair the beachy wave that I was looking for but also made my hair feel a little dry and brittle. in 112 reviews.

  • Beach Babe smells amazing and enhances my waves but I wish it created more defined waves and was a little less frizzy. in 98 reviews.

  • I would recommend to spray this in damp hair and then french braid it and sleep in it overnight, or until hair is dry. in 78 reviews.

  • I have very thick & naturally wavy hair so I decided to give this a try (I have another go-to wave spray) after hearing such good reviews on it. in 56 reviews.

Product description

Now every day can be a day at the beach or, at least your hair can look like it has been there! Rock a sexy beach look and get texturized with tousled waves! No frizz or fly-aways - embrace your hair’s natural waves and let Not Your Mother’s BEACH BABE™ do the rest. Infused with natural Dead Sea salt & sea kelp this salon formula has everyone fooled into thinking you just left the beach. It adds sexy, windswept waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. PRODUCT FACTS - Creates random texture and waves - Gives flat styles more volume - Adds more hold to up dos - Sea Kelp helps add natural shine to hair STYLING TIPS & EFFECTS It’s super easy to use – just spritz onto damp or dry hair then use fingers to create random waves and body (or for ultra-volume use a diffuser and lightly blow dry).

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This product doesn't do much to my hair it's very thick & wavy/curly. I see no difference to be honest. Maybe it works better on other hair types. Sadly not for mine :(

I have really curly hair, so I like to use this spray to revive my curls after a long day in a bun.

Love it, but it smells like pladoh. I don't really see any difference after using it but I still like the feel of it in my hair. Sadly, I had to stop using it because I dropped it and the top poped off and now I can't travel with it.

This hair product smells amazing, and makes my hair look so good. My hair is naturally wavy, but sometimes hard to tame, so this product makes my hair look so much more put together, and without a huge amount of work. The only problem is that the product makes my hair feel less soft, but overall it's a great product.

I have a wavy/straight hair thats pretty thick and this makes my hair have the prettiest beachy curls

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Does this give a natural wave that holds? My hair naturally has some curl but never stays curled if I do it myself! Just considering buying this so I'm not damaging my hair with heat so often


I have hair like you do and it didn't work for me, it just made my hair smell like salt and frizz badly. If you want curl that lasts French braid your hair while it is wet and wait till it's dried. If you don't have that time then you can blow dry your hair till its dry and that should make the curl last.

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Every winter i have to deal with static and flyaway hair. My somewhat thin hair goes to the bottom of my back. How much product would I use?


I have stick straight hair that always gets staticy in the winter. I love this product, but it has not helped my staticy hair at all whether it is applied wet or dry.

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Does this spray give you the beachy wave look? 😍


Yes it does, it also gives hair a lot of volume!

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