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My Trio Rings
My Trio Rings

My Trio Rings

  • I received the trio rings paper in my something blue voxbox and decided to check out the website . in 9 reviews.

  • I'd rather have JUST a simple gold wedding band than a knob of low-grade stones pretending to be a big fancy solitaire. in 8 reviews.

  • The trio rings are a great concept at very affordable prices for the bling that the bride and groom will sport for the rest of their lives. in 6 reviews.

  • Not to mention they are 65% off retail price AND they give you options to make payments, do layaway plans and have a 30 day return!!!! in 6 reviews.

Product description

My Trio Rings offers a beautiful selection of matching diamond and gold wedding rings at prices that are 65% off typical retail store prices. With four generations of family expertise, the company specializes in matching Trio Sets (Matching Engagement Ring and Ladies & Men’s Bands), Bridal Sets and Wedding Band Sets. In addition to “Direct Pricing”, the company offers Free Shipping, Layaway and Certificates of Authenticity!

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I have a trio wedding ring set and love it. I wanted my ring to be unique and it is.

•these rings are so beautiful and there just perfect, they dont have to much or to little they are just right !

I think its a neat idea but i don't know if I would have room on my finger for it. Beautiful though.

I love the idea of the the rings, very different since people still wear the 1 ring things these day

How sweet, and a great idea.... such beautiful rings. I wouldn't mind having one of those! ;)

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How much is the original price of it and how much of a discount do you get

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Dose anyone knows the price for the trio rings


they're usually pretty pricey but I would look them up everywhere

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What kind would you buy?(gold, white gold, or rose gold)


i think the best is the white gorl

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