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Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques
Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques
Beauty Queen

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques

  • If I want to seriously cleanse my face I don't use these, but for a fun girls night they are perfect an inexpensive. in 99 reviews.

  • I would warn those with sensitive skin though because some of them have caused stinging and irritation especially the peel off ones and they don't really do much either. in 97 reviews.

  • I'm not as fond of the peel-off masks but they all smell great and your face feels so fresh and smooth afterwards! in 58 reviews.

  • Since I got the chocolate mask in my voxbox i have gone out and and picked up a few more, and I love them, too! in 57 reviews.

  • I recieved one of these in my maple voxbox, i believe it was called the dead sea spa mud mask and i really enjoyed it. in 53 reviews.

  • The Montagne Jeunesse face masques comes in a variety of so many different scents and textures I just love it so much. in 53 reviews.

  • I always buy different kind but my favorite would have to be the chocolate one :) in 44 reviews.

  • Great variety to serve your individual skin needs... great for creating a spa day at home with the family. in 36 reviews.

Product description

Whether you enjoy looking after your skin, or being pampered, you will absolutely enjoy one of these "Life’s Little Pleasures"! With a huge array to choose from, our face masques are packed with the most delicious natural ingredients and are bursting with luscious fragrances. Suitable for all different skin types, there is one to suit every mood and everybody! Try one of our featured products today! • We all love chocolate, it’s our guilty pleasure! Well treat yourself to some chocolate without the guilt and make your skin look fabulous! Our Chocolate Masque, rich in natural ingredients will not only deep cleanse your skin by helping unblock pores, allowing impurities to be drawn out but will also hydrate and nourish your skin. • Craving a fresh fruit sensation, try our Fruit Smoothie hydrating face masque today – bursting with healthy goodness, our thick crushed Raspberry and Mango smoothie delight will leave you with fresher, cleansed and softer skin. Lavishly apply and treat your skin to a pore cleansing, sensational awakening. • Enliven your skin and help combat unsightly blemishes with our Aloe Vera and Willow Clean Up Mud. Our special blend of nature’s remedies naturally targets your problem areas for a clear and clean complexion.

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Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque
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They always smell so good and work so well. These are always my go to face masks. Im never disappointed in them.

These smell so good, and I was surprised at how well they worked! They're relatively inexpensive, and my whole face felt a lot smoother and softer after using one mask.

These are so fun to try out! The price is good to just for a bit of relaxation! I think there are better products to use for a specific problem you may have but for just a bit of pampering these do the job!

I love these. The charcoal and Dead Sea masks are my favorite. They feel so good and relax you.

My favorite is the peeling charcoal masque! I really like these. There's so much variety and they really work!

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What's the best mask out all of these ?


Any of the peel off masks are great. My new fav would be the chocolate and mint mask. It smells soo good.

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Is it good for normal skins?


Yes! I got one in my Refresh VoxBox, and it worked very well for my normal skin! Mine had honey in it! :-)

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Where can I buy these?


At your local drugstore or your grocery store. Where I live we have a Smith's, which is Kroger. I've seen these at Walgreens and at CVS as well.

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