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Kiss® everEZlashes
Kiss® everEZlashes
Beauty Queen

Kiss® everEZlashes

  • The length of these lashes is amazing and are so real this is the first time I have ever used lashes so it took me a little bit to get use to them but I do have to say they are amazing. in 37 reviews.

  • I got these in my something blue vox box, and I must say I fell head over heels in love with them. in 37 reviews.

  • Finally a fake eyelash i can stand to wear! in 32 reviews.

  • I thought I nailed down the art of false eyelash application, but then I tried these! in 29 reviews.

  • The applicator strings were very easy to use and made it easier for me to apply my lashes without a fight or struggle! in 27 reviews.

  • I hadn't ever applied false lashes and these were super easy to use and the adhesive that was included held all day. in 23 reviews.

  • I don't really use fake eyelashes but the ones I received are very full and natural looking so I may give them a try! in 23 reviews.

  • With the string attached it was so much easier to apply with only one try, and for the price, you can't beat it. in 20 reviews.

Product description

Kiss has introduced a market-first everEZlashes that comes complete with patent pending Application Strings.  Ever tried applying eyelashes but became frustrated when they didn’t position correctly? Only to remove them and keep trying again? Kiss everEZlashes with patent pending Application Strings allow for a perfect application every time! Kiss lashes come in a variety of styles that are perfect for everyday wear, to a formal evening event. They are a must-have for bridesmaids and of course – the bride! To Use: Simply apply glue to the lash base and let set for 30 seconds, holding both sides of the lash with the string applicators, and place on the eye-lid along the natural lash line. Allow to set and apply lashes to second eye. Once completely dry, hold & squeeze lashes firmly between thumb and index finger, push in lashes and gently grab one end of string, pulling away. Do the same to the second eyelash.  Both lashes have a perfect fit! Kiss everEZlashes retail for $3.99 and are available at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide. For more information and how to videos, visit

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I love that i can reuse these lashes and they add a cute touch to a dramatic, more fancy look. I have oily eyelids so i wouldnt really recommend the kiss eyelash glue

I had to buy these for my dance concert and they stayed on throughout the dance,but they were a pain in the butt for falling off and the glue you buy in the pack sucks. They're not my favorite and I wouldn't buy them again.

I have the natural Kiss strip eyelashes and I absolutely love them. Every time I wear these, I get compliments on how natural they look. Unfortunately, they can tell I'm wearing them but nonetheless, they're still a great product. Especially when you pair it with their eyelash strip adhesive, it's amazing.

The lashes are easy to apply and they can be reused a few times. The eyelashes length is great it's not too extreme and not too dull

I used these false lashes for new years! I loved the way they made my eyes look! it really adds glamour to your entire look

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Are these easy to apply? How long do they last, and how many applicants do the lashes last through? Do they look real or fake?


They are easy to apply. I usually wear them just for one night but I'm sure they would last maybe another day. They look real.

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ok never have tried fake lashes.. but for special occasion would like to.. How hard are these to use??? How long can I wear them??


These are actually really easy to apply. The strings allow for perfect placement. My best advise is for the glue get duo the one that dries black it is in the pink box.

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Which kiss lashes are your favorite


All the kiss lashes are the best

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