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  • They do not offer coupons after your first buy and not all of the collections are worth 29.99 a piece (in my opinion). in 316 reviews.

  • I like about half of their stuff so I can't give it an A but they have some really cute jewelry for not a lot of cash. in 261 reviews.

  • The costumer serve isn't that great and you can't get a money refund if you don't like what you got, that is kind of lame. in 154 reviews.

  • I still buy the occasional piece when there's something I know I can't get from a store near me but having to skip every month when I don't want to buy anything is kind of a hassle. in 39 reviews.

  • If you want costume jewelery I would go to forever 21 instead of spending 30 bucks on each piece....just my opinion. in 31 reviews.

  • Since that time the quality, uniqueness of their designs, and customer service have all significantly declined. in 29 reviews.

  • The jewelry is of good quality hve brought some necklaces as gifts to love ones and the seem to have cherished it in 26 reviews.

  • I stopped ordering for a while and then order a few of the mystery box es and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. in 23 reviews.

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I love the jewlery selection there so many different styles if u love big stament jewelry they have that if u like settle they have that to

I love the jewelry selection. There's really something for everyone, any style. All of the items are decently pressed. I wish there wasn't a subscription fee though, otherwise I'd buy more often.

The jewelry on Jewelmint is super pretty! I'm not sure about the quality, but it doesn't feel cheap when you hold it in your hands. The shipping is pretty fast too which is great.

The jewelry is of good quality hve brought some necklaces as gifts to love ones and the seem to have cherished it

The jewelry have an okay quality.. I do like the fancy designs of each and every item.

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Is the price really worth it?


It depends on the piece. The quality is pretty good but if you are looking for a great deal this probably isn't it.

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How is the quality of the items?


Very good.

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How expensive are the items?


Not very expensive! And pretty good quality!! I wouldn't say they are super cheap like Sam Moon or Charming Charlie, but they also don't look cheap! Good quality worth the price!

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