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JetBlue Airways
JetBlue  Airways

JetBlue Airways

  • From comfort to entertainment to customer service JetBlue always offers the most satisfaction for a good price. in 72 reviews.

  • Jetblue's seats offer ample leg room as well as lots of space to store your bag under the seat in front of you. in 60 reviews.

  • This is my favorite airline but unfortunately it does not fly to as many locations as other airline. in 53 reviews.

  • I love them and if they have flights available I only use JetBlue plus your first checked bag is free under 50lbs. in 41 reviews.

  • Service was phenomenal, liked the little free snack and drink service and if I could fly everywhere with them I would! in 39 reviews.

  • When I received my free snack, (Doritos) ofcourse it was a small bag of them, but the flight attendant not only gave me one but gave me TWO of the snack. in 37 reviews.

  • Very friendly staff, smooth ride, great perks such as free snacks and drinks and Sirius XM radio at every seat :) in 26 reviews.

  • I wish I could use them more as they have great customer service and really cater to the customers. in 20 reviews.

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I love flying with this airline and have never had a problem. Customer service has always been great! Only negative is the limited amount of destinations available. Other than that, the affordability and quality of jet blue never disappoints!

Delta, Spirit, and JetBlue fly direct from my location to my parents' -- JetBlue is by far my favorite. I've grown so fond of them that I'm willing to pay a bit extra to use this airline over the others. Free checked bag, free cable in every seat, better snacks (popped corners!), and more leg room. I've only had positive experiences.

JetBlue is the better version of Spirit. It great because prices are totally affordable and they fly to pretty much all major cities. Def a must to check out their prices if you're an avid flyer.

The Jet Blue terminal at JFK is great, I've never felt so comfortable at an airport. Everyone on my flight was so friendly and helpful. And they just started doing very cheap direct flights from CHS to JFK.

JetBlue seat off for you ample leg room that way you're not all cramped up and you can stretch out

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I wish Jet Blue would expand the number of cities and/or destinations they service. I had heard that would become a reality in the near future, has anyone heard about their expansion?

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I've never rode with JetBlue. How are the ticket prices as compare to US Airways?


Like everything it depends. US Air has more cities they travel too so sometimes they are a better go. However, if you are traveling to a major city check their prices first.

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This is spam. Influenster, can you remove this? Are you even reading our reviews? I'll probably receive 5 points for this even though it's useless.

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