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Ivory Bar Soap
Ivory Bar Soap

Ivory Bar Soap

  • This is a must have for those with sensitive skin and people who don't want to put weird chemicals all over your face. in 54 reviews.

  • I can't use this soap on my skin without drying, but it works well in homemade laundry detergent recipes. in 13 reviews.

  • It smells great and isn't drying like some other soaps. in 13 reviews.

  • I had been using another brand for a long time but when I received the ivory bar I couldn't help and enjoy the smell. in 12 reviews.

  • THE BODY WASH IS AMAZING... & I don't have the same issues with the liquid body wash as I've had with the bar soap. in 11 reviews.

  • I haven't tried it as a makeup brush cleaner, but I will definitely give it a try! in 10 reviews.

  • This is hypo-allergenic which works great for me because other strong-scented soaps can harm my skin sometimes. in 10 reviews.

  • He would highly recommend this soap to everyone.....I could not use it as it dried my skin out....can't figure that out in 7 reviews.

Product description

Ivory bar soap is 99.44% pure (it floats!). It provides healthier, smoother and more even-looking skin. Also, its versatility makes it an effective laundry soap (just chip soap flakes into the washer) as well as a spot stain remover on your clothes (including delicate items). Ivory bars can even be used for a fun soap carving project with the family! .

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This soap I have been using on and off for a couple years.The Smell is very fresh and works up into a rich lather.One bar seems to last a good bit.

Mama used to buy this so the smell reminds me of home! Has a comforting affect on me. Smells super clean and fresh and lathers really well. Leaves your skin feeling weird kind of rubbery. Drys it out a little doesn't really mositurize that well but still love it just cause my mama always bought it.

I know so many people who've had great experiences with Ivory, but I am not one of those fortunate people. It makes my skin hurt and no matter how well or long I rinse I feel like there is always something coating my skin. I have walked away from a shower with a terrible burning itch all over my legs and arms.

This is one of the worst soaps I've used. It made me break out in hives all over. I was so embarrassed.

I have used ivory soap because its very similar to dove, but it has a different smell. It does leave you feeling fresh.

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Is this soap antibacterial?

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What kind of craft you made with this product?


Soap clouds and snow dough

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I have psoriasis and have used this soap sparingly in the past.. does this product help with sensitive skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis or does it make your skin feel more dried out?


It made my eczema worse. I was so embarrassed

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