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Home Goods
Home Goods
Mega Mom

Home Goods

  • I also can always find items I wouldn't regularly see in a grocery or big chain store, so getting gifts there is great. in 93 reviews.

  • I always find the best gifts that are sometimes random but always a great price and quality in 82 reviews.

  • You might not get exactly what you want, but be open-minded - you might find something similar that will do the trick. in 75 reviews.

  • I love how you never know what you will find and to me it's like wining a lottery when I find that one awesome buy! in 41 reviews.

  • any store that is owned by tj maxx is alright by me..i have gotten some great stuff at homegoods at great prices! in 41 reviews.

  • The closest Home Goods to me is 2 hours away; but every time I go I find something great and current at a super price! in 31 reviews.

  • The reason I love Home Goods so much is that I always find something amazing there and at reasonable prices! in 28 reviews.

  • I could spend hours just poking through every nook and cranny so I don't miss a thing! in 25 reviews.

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Home Goods is one of my favorite shopping places! I can shop for hours! I love looking at all the home decor, cooking gadgets. art work, and especially crystal! I usually go up and down this isle 2-3 times or more! I love crystal and have many pieces in my home and can usually something unusual. I have also found 3 pieces of my living room furniture at different times that match to a "T." No one ever believes this and 2 pieces were purchased at least a year apart! Never bored here and could go in everyday and find something new! hased a year

Home Goods is my favorite place to shop for home decor! I can find anything from shower curtains to pillows, even furniture such as side tables and benches at prices lower than places like Pottery Barn or Pier One. Its the first place I check out when I need something for my home.

I always manage to find something when I go. Great items at great prices. Wish they opened earlier than 9:30.

I never leave Home Goods empty handed. They offer fabulous products at even better prices. So many of my home items came from Home Goods. for me, shopping at Home Goods is like a treasure hunt - I never know what I'm going to find...but I know I'll find something at a price I'll like.

Awesome wide selection, very reasonable prices, and great products. I love Home Goods. It's one of my favorite places to shop for home needs.

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what are the prices like at this retailer?


Very reasonable

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