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Goody® QuikStyle Half-Round Brush
Goody® QuikStyle Half-Round Brush
Beauty Queen

Goody® QuikStyle Half-Round Brush

  • Usually I wait to air dry my air and I tried this brush before a night of going out and it cut the drying time in half. in 85 reviews.

  • I bought one for my mom-she has naturally super thick hair and likes paddle brushes, so we will see what she thinks. in 72 reviews.

  • It gets rid of some of the excess water after swimming or a shower, and it brushes through unwanted tangles and knots. in 66 reviews.

  • I love this brush cause I don't blow dry my hair so it helps get alot of the water out so my hair can dry alot faster. in 54 reviews.

  • Definitely cuts down on my blow drying time, have to change brushes halfway thru though because it makes my hair frizzy in 46 reviews.

  • I honestly thought it would be a crappy brush that didn't do much but with the brush and a blow dryer it worked magic!! in 45 reviews.

  • Usually I wait to air dry my air and I tried this brush before a night of going out and it cut the drying time in half. in 30 reviews.

  • It's not a miracle brush and it doesn't completely dry your hair, but it does take out some excess water to help blow drying your hair go by faster. in 28 reviews.

Product description

The GOODY® QUIKSTYLE™ Half Round brush works like a towel and brush in one. The super absorbent microfiber (and antimicrobial) removes 30% of water from wet hair to help speed your drying time! You can effortlessly detangle right out of the shower and continue using it while you blow dry and style! The unique Half-Round Shape is great for adding body to your blowout.

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I have never tried ttriekind of brush but it seems like it will help dry your hair and give you a quick and easy still for you

I have yet to try the round one, but I received the paddle one in my first ever influenster box several years ago and absolutely love it!!! I have mid length straight thick hair that takes forever to blow dry. With this brush, it cuts my drying time in half and I can actually wash my hair in the mornings now before work and still have enough time to get ready instead of the night before.

I have really long hair and I really try to take my best care of it. I do not like to dry my hair. This brush has been a saving grace. It absorbs a good bit of water and really helps my hair air try faster (:

This brush did get some of the excess water out of my hair but not as much as I had expected it to. I had higher expectations for the brush.

Usually I wait to air dry my air and I tried this brush before a night of going out and it cut the drying time in half.

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Is this really quick drying?


Not at all I own this and I don't feel like it makes it dry and quicker. I also find this hard to clean and has to much towel inside of it.

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What does this brush do that other brushes don't do?


Adds more volume to your hair if used when blow drying

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does this brush minimize frizz?


no I didn't think it minimized frizz at all.

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