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Godiva Liqueur
Godiva Liqueur
Happy Hour

Godiva Liqueur

  • Rich chocolate flavor excellent mix for chocolate drinks- I prefer a chocolate martini or a white chocolate martini!! in 18 reviews.

  • I haven't mixed this with anything but I'm sure it would taste great in hot chocolate or coffee in 12 reviews.

  • This product is good if you're making a chocolate mixed drink and need something as a base. in 8 reviews.

  • Also great mixed with vanilla ice cream and milkshake at it's finest! in 8 reviews.

  • Sometimes you need a little bit of a delicious chocolate and alcohol combo to put into a chocolate martini or other dessert-type drink. in 7 reviews.

  • It is really good to use when making some chocolate cocktails and goes even better with some Godiva Truffles...I always use both on Christmas Eve. in 5 reviews.

  • Really good, best chocolate liquor we've tried. in 4 reviews.

  • It makes a great chocolate martini . in 4 reviews.

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This product is well worth the price it goes great with so many different things you just can't beat it

This liqueur is absolutely awesome. The taste is out of this world! I usually don't like any kind of creamy drinks, but I made an exception for this one because well, its chocolate. It knocked my socks ....

Oh. My. God. This liqueur is just amazing. It's perfect alone as a shot or you could try mixing it with other liquors (I tried it with Fireball - cinnamon & chocolate! - & also with RumChata because who doesn't like coconut & chocolate?) The alcohol content is so low you barely taste it.

I normally don't like mixing my alcohol with milky type products or chocolate but this.... is amazing! It is so smooth and delicious. Perfect for pudding shots.

Awesome chocolate liqueur, can just drink on the rocks, or make some Black/White Russians with it, chocolate martinis or other mixed drinks.

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So how well does it go with a cup of Starbucks?

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is it true what they say that that a few of these and your drunk ?


Now that would depend on so many factors. For me, silent but deadly. Who can pass up chocolate and Godiva... Just pass it over!

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Is Godiva liqueur as good as Godiva chocolate? If so, I absolutely must buy some immediately!


There is definitely some comparisons based on smoothness and flavour!

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