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Gillette® Venus® Embrace and Venus & Olay Razors
Gillette® Venus® Embrace and Venus & Olay Razors

Gillette® Venus® Embrace and Venus & Olay Razors

  • Venus Embrace blade refills provide an ultra-close shave with five blades that hug curves to get virtually every hair.  in 620 reviews.

  • These razors are wonderful and I wouldn't trade them got the world they work with or without shaving cream I love them. in 462 reviews.

  • I have sensitive skin and since I switched to this razor I've almost never had razor burn or issues with ingrown hairs. in 325 reviews.

  • You don’t need shaving cream, and it does a fabulous job shaving and leaves my skin silky smooth with no nicks or cuts! in 231 reviews.

  • Gillette Venus Embrace Razors lasted an extra long time and my shaved body parts were as smooth the fourth time as they were the first time! in 147 reviews.

  • It's so convenient using these because you don't need to use shaving cream and it leaves your legs really smooth after! in 125 reviews.

  • love this ravor, the olay is the best one out of all the venus razors bc of the 5 blades and the moisture bar on the razor. in 107 reviews.

  • I will never use another razor again, by far the best I've ever used and I've used close to a dozen of different types in 102 reviews.

Product description

Any Venus blade refill fits any Venus handle so you can find your perfect shaving match without having to purchase a whole new razor. Try it out! o Venus Embrace blade refills provide an ultra-close shave with five blades that hug curves to get virtually every hair. Available in 4- and 8- count packages. o Venus & Olay blade refills feature Olay Moisture Bars that contain skin conditioners to help lock in moisture and with every smoothing stroke, Venus’ five blades provide an ultra-close shave. Available in 3-count packages. †Prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer. Based on monthly cartridge replacement rate and manufacturer suggested retail price from June 2011 to July 2012.

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These razors work pretty well. I just wish they didn't cost so much. I rarely can afford to spend so much on something I can only use once or twice.

Venus razors are not my favorite but they do an okay job. The razors are expensive and for the price I do not feel they are the best deal.

Works great and feels good on skin. It is very soft and makes my skin feel soft

I used to purchase these razors all the time. Nice close shave but they don't hold up well for everyday shaving. The handle disfunctions after a few months, so I find my self buying a new handle. I switched over to Dollar Shave Club because of the high price of replacement blades of the Venus products.

I love Venus razors!!!!! Favorite brand of razors. Leave a close shave great for sensitive skin.

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Which is the best venus razor to use? I'm currently using the one for sensitive skin, but is this one that much better?!


I like this one and the Swirl.

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What is this most likely to increase and decrease?


The razor works really well and yes the soap does eventually fall off but not for a long time and if that happens you should probably change the razor head anyway.

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I usually don't have nicks with Venus razors but I did with these! Anyone else have any problems with them?


These are actually the only razors i've used where I don't have that problem lol

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