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Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Happy Hour

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

  • It is also good as a "fiery apple" you take a half a pint of angry orchard cider and drop a shot of fireball in it! in 115 reviews.

  • Is it weird that I can't handle cinnamon big red gum but i can take shots of this like nobody's business? in 91 reviews.

  • This cinnamon whiskey is PHENOMENAL & when mixed with things such as apple cider or rumchatta your mind will be blown! in 83 reviews.

  • I adore Fireball the first time I tried it was a shot for my birthday it is like a drinkable cinnamon jawbreaker . in 41 reviews.

  • It tastes like red hots (the candy - if anyone remembers those), so I usually drink it straight. in 34 reviews.

  • It goes perfectly with dr. pepper for that big red, sweetness flavor. in 25 reviews.

  • Also goes great mixed with hot apple cider for a warm drink or for a cold drink I mix it with pepsi or coke. in 18 reviews.

  • Drop a shot of fireball whiskey into a glass of angry orchard hard cider. in 8 reviews.

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Fireball is my all time favorite drink! It's so smooth and the candy cinnamon taste is wonderful! I love it best in shots with a chaser!

This whiskey is so easy to drink, it's awesome by itself or mixed with cider or apple juice. Also the price for a handle is great! Would definitely recommend to friends.

My favorite liquor ever. I have never mixed this with anything.. it's always been a shot drink for me and it works!

I love this drink it tastes amazing with apple juice of course I am a big fan of apple pie moonshine and in my opinion this is an easier way of getting the same tasting drink.

I was not a fan of this. I'm not a big cinnamon fan, and this has TONS of it. My throat hurt so much after drinking this. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if mixed in certain drinks, but I don't think I'll be trying it again.

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Is this whiskey really good? Why is it good?


it's amazing. it taste like candy cinnamon!

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How much do you like it?


Only whiskey I'll drink. Hands down, the best.

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What are some good things to mix fireball with?


Angry orchard crisp apple beer is great with it. It's the perfect balance of apple and cinnamon

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