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Duncan Hines Frostings Creations
Duncan Hines Frostings Creations

Duncan Hines Frostings Creations

  • so I'm not sure why cotton candy or strawberry shortcake aren't sold anymore but i really wish it was i loved this very fun to use and make i put cotton candy frost ion on all my cakes for a month straight lol i couldn't help it in 46 reviews.

  • I love that you can have so many different flavor options. in 10 reviews.

  • I bought the cotton candy flavor of this and I was pretty pumped to try it but to be honest, I was let down. in 9 reviews.

  • I just made gluten free, dark chocolate cupcakes the other day and used the chocolate almond flavor for icing! in 8 reviews.

  • I did like the idea someone wrote on another review of just buying the flavor packet and adding it to your own recipe. in 8 reviews.

  • i like how this product give you more flavor options not all of the flavors taste good but still a pretty good product. in 8 reviews.

  • I bought the white chocolate raspberry flavour of this brand and it tastes nothing like white chocolate raspberry . in 7 reviews.

  • I recently made some cupcakes and used the cherry vanilla flavor on the icing. in 7 reviews.

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I like the flavor packets but i do not like the store bought icing you are suppose to mix it with. I usually buy the flavorings and make my own buttercream icing to put it in. Love every flavor i have tried so far especially the strawberry shortcake and orange dreamscicle

This tastes so good! The brownies are so moist. It doesn't taste artificial and has just the right amount of sweetness.

I can not say how horrible I think these are. The flavors taste so fake and artificial. I used this product to make a cake and frosting by request for someone who specifically asked for this product. I will NEVER again use this.

I have not tried this yet, but I will absolutely. I love Duncan Hines brand, and bake sometimes with it. The box of frosting looks interesting. I want to try.

Greatest idea EVER! I couldn't have been more excited the day I stumbled upon these in the store. Makes my life so much easier. It adds color and flavor to my frosting. But if I don't want frosting I have also added it right into the cake mix for a desert that doesn't need sweet frosting as it is full of flavor without it.

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I've seen this product many times in the store but ha e hesitated to purchase it, how is the flavor? Too strong??


I personally didn't like them. I thought they tasted extremely fake and artificial. You should try them for yourself though because everyone has a different sense of what they prefer.

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are they worth it? or are they just like every other cupcake out there?

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I'm wondering how good these are?I bought some for my kids because they were on sale &I; had coupons. I've been scared to try it. Wondering if they taste totally fake and gross or if they are good. What do you all think?

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