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  • There's something about cheddar cheese pretzel Combos that just hit all the right spots on my stomach lining. in 75 reviews.

  • My favorite is the pepperoni pizza one which tastes exactly like pepperoni pizza. in 43 reviews.

  • Along with Goldfish Crackers, Combos are another great snack that will never go out of style. in 43 reviews.

  • I can't say there's a flavor I don't like, but the cheddar cheese pretzel one is my favorite! in 40 reviews.

  • The pizza flavor is gross, and I hate the weird damp, powdery texture of the stuff they put inside combos. in 33 reviews.

  • Whenever we go on a road trip I always grab a bag of Combos (Pizzeria and Nacho Cheese) and munch and munch and munch! in 25 reviews.

  • Crunchy outside with delicious cheesy fillings, it's hard not to eat the whole bag in a few minutes. in 25 reviews.

  • My favorite is the pepperoni pizza pretzels, but I'm slowly developing an appreciation for the buffalo wings flavor. in 24 reviews.

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in crackers

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I love all flavors, but especially the pepperoni pizza! Easy for an on the go snack, inexpensive, and delicious!

These are great, but not all the flavors compare. The pizza ones are a little weird at first, and I think I prefer the cheese ones. Good to get out of a vending machine for a quick little snack.

Better than plain pretzels try the cheddar first then go on to the next flavored the two best are pizza and the cheddar!

These have always been one of my favorites but I can't eat too many at once! Perfect for a small quick snack!

So I have personally tried all of these. My fiance loves them. I can only eat so many though. After a few of them I realize they leave a bad taste in my mouth and I start to feel sick.

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I have seen these in the store but I have never tired them but I always wanted to can some recommend which to try out first ?


cracker and cheese

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I have noticed that Combos now have desert flavors. Has anyone tried them yet? If so, what are your thoughts on them?


I haven't seen that-if I find them, I'll give it try and share my thoughts!

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ive never tried them they have caught my attention but are they really work it?


There honestly so good ,cheese crackers!

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