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Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup
Campbell's  Chicken Noodle Soup

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup

  • It lacks the flavor and sustenance you need to fill you up on a cold day when you aren't feeling well. in 20 reviews.

  • This soup is definitely inexpensive, which is great, but there are much better soups out there for not much more. in 20 reviews.

  • My favorite soup to eat on a cold or rainy day, especially with a grilled cheese sandwich or white toast. in 19 reviews.

  • It brings back childhood memories, but there are so many other soups out there now that have less sodium and more meat. in 15 reviews.

  • However, If you are looking for a comfort food that brings back memories form childhood, this is a great choice! in 15 reviews.

  • Timeless classic great for sick days, rainy days, or even if you just want a warm filling meal on a cold winter day! in 13 reviews.

  • And for those who don't feel like making home made chicken noodle soup, this does the trick. in 12 reviews.

  • great product and cheap if you need a quick lunch or on a budget, however the sodium content for this is wayyyyy high, but its one of those soups you can eat heated up or right out of the can! in 10 reviews.

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This is one of my favorites along with the tomato soup one. This is great on the go and even makes me feel better when I'm sick. It taste pretty good!

Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup is our go to food when down sick. It is good with raisins in it too according to my Granny, but I've never had the nerve to try it like that.

Im not much of a fan of chicken noodle soup. But if I had no choice, this would be the brand id get.

This use to be a 5 star to me but recently I purchased a few cans and they did not taste the same as they once did. Wondering if the recipe has changed or if it was just a bad batch.

I got 2 of these from Target for a week night dinner. They are very bland, no flavour, the chicken was rubber. Did not like it atall.

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Do you prefer the homestyle or regular chicken noodle soup?


Either are good in their own way. It just depends on personal preference I think.

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No me gustan tiene sodio


No es libre de sodio o baja en sodio .

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What noodles do you suggest adding to increase the noodle content of this soup?


Homemade is the best, but that defeats the purpose of canned soup.

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