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Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
Happy Hour

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

  • It is also pretty good thrown in a blender, with some fresh strawberries (if you got the Bud Light Strawberry Rita) in 171 reviews.

  • I'm not a big beer drinker so it was nice to have something in a can that I could take out boating and to the beach. in 143 reviews.

  • Best served really cold, they do have a high alcohol content so watch out for that, it can creep up on you pretty fast! in 106 reviews.

  • I enjoy this product on a hot summer day by the pool.. No mess or fuss with the tequila, blender,etc.. in 76 reviews.

  • It's refreshing for a hot day outside when you're out on the water for hours and want to build up a nice buzz. in 63 reviews.

  • It's too sweet and so not a real margarita but sometimes it is just the perfect thing on a super hot summer day. in 62 reviews.

  • The first time i tried bud light lime a rita i liked it alot but after a couple of them they started to taste awful. in 62 reviews.

  • I am not a big fan of the lime I prefer the Strawberry but after 2 of these you can start feeling a little bit tipsy. in 56 reviews.

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Lime A Ritas are so much fun and they give more of a playful buzz. They have a real summer vibe and are good for bringing to parties. Super great for the college environment and a real popular drink among the ladies.

These aren't bad not a huge beer drinker. A friend got me hooked on them. I will have to try the other flavors.

This drink used to be my favorite during the summer time. I cannot have more than 1 though... they are VERY sugary and give me a headache if I drink too much. Plus it seems almost every time I drink them, I get sick. :/ Not my fave anymore.

Tart and refreshing as you'd hope for such a drink to be. Still a little sweeter than I'd prefer to call it perfect, but excellent nonetheless.

For someone who does not drink beer or anything related to it, this was actually a nice surprise. Not sure it will ever replace my red wine or Champagne addiction but on a hot day it makes a great football tailgate or Polo picnic beverage!

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I love these. The appleritas are awesome as well. These can sneak up on you so drink with caution.

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Has anyone tried the lemonaderitas? I am a lemonade fanatic but haven't tried them yet!


It's a new flavor. I have not tried the lemon ones but I have seen them around and picture them being less tart than the limaritas.

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Are these any good?


They are but my favorite is actually the lemonade flavor.

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