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Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
Happy Hour

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

  • It is also pretty good thrown in a blender, with some fresh strawberries (if you got the Bud Light Strawberry Rita) in 165 reviews.

  • I'm not a big beer drinker so it was nice to have something in a can that I could take out boating and to the beach. in 136 reviews.

  • Best served really cold, they do have a high alcohol content so watch out for that, it can creep up on you pretty fast! in 96 reviews.

  • I enjoy this product on a hot summer day by the pool.. No mess or fuss with the tequila, blender,etc.. in 71 reviews.

  • I loved this when it first came I realize I make a much better "beer-rita" myself with Corona and Jose.... in 67 reviews.

  • It's too sweet and so not a real margarita but sometimes it is just the perfect thing on a super hot summer day. in 62 reviews.

  • It's refreshing for a hot day outside when you're out on the water for hours and want to build up a nice buzz. in 60 reviews.

  • The first time i tried bud light lime a rita i liked it alot but after a couple of them they started to taste awful. in 60 reviews.

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This is a nice refreshing drink but you should try the apple now that is serious flavor that you will love and want more and more.

I en joy this occasionally. Can't drink too much kind of makes me sick. if you are looking for a quick buzz this is it

I love the flavor of this drink. They are fun and easy way to drink a margarita. The downfall is they are quite sweet so one is my limit or my stomach will hurt. A great value.

These are pretty good for a pre-made margarita. It's not the greatest quality but it's pretty good.

Personally, I think these are really gross. They're not like real margaritas, they taste exactly like Four Loko.

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Can I mix lime-a-rita with any other flavor rita?


Absolutely - Cran-lime might be amazing.

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This sounds horrendous. Is it as bad as I'm imagining?


These are actually delicious

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So good

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