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  • cassey ho in 23 reviews.

  • I feel that many of her moves work out the muscles I want to target as well as others I didn't know I needed to tone. in 18 reviews.

  • If you want to start eating healthy too, check out her recipes on her blog or her second youtube channel blogilatesTV. in 15 reviews.

  • The meal plan is reasonably priced compared to tone it up. in 13 reviews.

  • Stay consistent and you will see results while having a good laugh with her. in 7 reviews.

  • I love Cassey's positive attitude and she always makes me feel good although I am in pain for the next day or so. in 7 reviews.

  • She is truly committed to your fitness and betterment, and I look forward to seeing her face on my screen. in 6 reviews.

  • She's incredibly active on social media and is always up for answering any questions. in 6 reviews.

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in sports & fitness

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Cassey is so energetic and positive and I really enjoy watching her videos. I also like how she plans an exercise regimen and challenge for people to follow.

There is lots of videos to choose from! She is always showing step by step guides and has monthly workout challenges. Follow her on snapchat too!

I just started watching/using these videos and I LOVE them! Quick and very motivating. I love the variety and different zones being targeted in each video.

Blogilates is the best free online program for people of any fitness level. The videos are easy to follow!

God bless Blogilates and everything she has done for me! Her videos are literally the best thing out there because she's so helpful and always so energized. She really knows how to make you work for that perfect body that you want. Her merchandise is another plus! The best part is that all of her videos are free!

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I'm not trying to lose weight, just tone up a bit. Would this still be beneficial to me?


yes!! I do blogilates and i was trying to tone up too, and this is perfect for it. It strengthens everything, especially your core.

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Do these videos require: 1. A lot of space and 2. any equipment (yoga mat, weights, etc.)?


Sometimes weights and of course with any exercise you want enough room to move around in

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Are there different levels of each work out? And do the recipes come small enough for one person?


Cassey often mentions small modifications for the more difficult exercises but she actually has a Beginners Calendar and if you're willing to work through it you can do some of the more advanced leveled workouts that are usually in her regular monthly calendars. As far as recipes go they should have a serving amount but I've made plenty that have been fine for one person and some that I had to last me for other meals.

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