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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream

  • A great pairing for the product is the eucalyptus spearmint shower gel it makes for a relaxing night after a long day. in 79 reviews.

  • I love this product it smells great nice and relaxing .. only con is its expensive for the amount you get... in 73 reviews.

  • It smells amazing and it actually works after a stressful day at school it makes me feel so much better. in 72 reviews.

  • After a long day I personally like to shower and put that lotion/ hand cream on and it makes my day perfection. in 55 reviews.

  • The smell is very relaxing and calming, especially after a long day at work or a long day with the kids. in 45 reviews.

  • I wear it every night before bed and as I hold my hands near my face the scent helps me relax and drift off to sleep. in 36 reviews.

  • I use the shower gel and body lotion...deep breaths help product work a nice stress relief before bed or before work in 32 reviews.

  • The smell is amazing, and after trying this first I bought the pillow mist and sugar scrub. in 27 reviews.

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I love the aromatherapy line from Bath and Body Works! The Eucalyptus Spearmint scent is my favorite!

This product Smells great and is definatley relaxing however it's a bit expensive!

My absolute favorite line from Bath and Body works! Smells amazing and relaxes me!

The scent though!!! I received the hand sanitizer as a small gift from a coworker and fell in love. So I had to find the lotion because I knew the scent would last longer, it's so aromatic and relaxing, a nice change up from my usual sweet and fruity scents. I could seriously just open the bottle and smell it all day lol

Excellent exfoliation! Strong enough to rejuvenate the skin but not harsh or drying. The scent is incredible - it truly is relaxing! Fabulous product!

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Is this made of natural ingredients? Or does it have a lot of toxic ingredients?

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Did this product really help anyone reduce stress ?


This product is very calming and relaxing due to its scent so naturally you should feel a little less stressed. They also have candles which in my opinion are even better, especially when you're at home reading a nice book and relaxing your mind.

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Does this actually work?


I haven't used this one to relieve stress. I have used the lavender one for helping with sleep and I find it does work. I would definitely give it a shot!

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