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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy- Stress Relief Hand Cream

  • A great pairing for the product is the eucalyptus spearmint shower gel it makes for a relaxing night after a long day. in 81 reviews.

  • I love this product it smells great nice and relaxing .. only con is its expensive for the amount you get... in 76 reviews.

  • It smells amazing and it actually works after a stressful day at school it makes me feel so much better. in 73 reviews.

  • After a long day I personally like to shower and put that lotion/ hand cream on and it makes my day perfection. in 55 reviews.

  • The smell is very relaxing and calming, especially after a long day at work or a long day with the kids. in 45 reviews.

  • I wear it every night before bed and as I hold my hands near my face the scent helps me relax and drift off to sleep. in 36 reviews.

  • I use the shower gel and body lotion...deep breaths help product work a nice stress relief before bed or before work in 33 reviews.

  • The smell is amazing, and after trying this first I bought the pillow mist and sugar scrub. in 27 reviews.

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This is such a wonderful product. My favorite fragrance is the lavender. Super relaxing after a long day. Also try the pillow mist !

This product is great. The smell is delicious and it tingles on your skin without being bothersome which makes it perfect for massages

I love this cream, as a B&BW fanatic though, I can't quite say that it actually relieves stress. They claim you need to breathe it in deeply. The scent is nice!

Love this lotion. The scent is so calming & relaxing and it feels so soothing on my poor dry hands.

My fiancé and I LOVE this stuff. It smells so good and is so soothing. I definitely buy the store out when they are on sale.

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I always wanted to try these. Does it actually relieve stress?


These are amazing! I've tried the Eucalyptus version, and I find that when I take a whiff of it it really calms me down and brings me back to my senses. I usually end up applying it a few times a day when stressed. Highly recommend trying it! You won't be disappointed. :)

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I know it says hand cream but can I rub some on my temples as well? I heard it's really soothing.


You can but since it is not a face cream you may break out. It depends on your skin.

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Is there a body cream version of this?


yes it is a great deal

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