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Bare Minerals
Bare Minerals
Beauty Queen

Bare Minerals

  • I have problematic, sensitive skin and this is the only makeup that I can trust not to make me itch, breakout or burn. in 39 reviews.

  • I love that bare minerals is all natural and it's the only brand that I've seen a difference in my skin tone from continued use. in 36 reviews.

  • You can then get the starter kit which comes with the basics: the foundation, the mineral veil, warmth, buki brush, and less coverage brush. in 24 reviews.

  • I am absolutely in love with this brand I have oily skin so for me any powder foundation that gives you a medium to full coverage is a must and this company does wonders to my skin and I actually enjoy putting on foundation due to this product! in 18 reviews.

  • When I first started using this I would give it an A rating because it covers so nicely and it looked so nice on. in 18 reviews.

  • My mom got me hooked on this stuff nearly 5 years ago and I've been buying ever since! in 17 reviews.

  • I adore bare minerals... everything they come out with gets greater everytime.. first when they came out with their eye shadow quads.. i thought u-uh..not gonna like the loose ..will never like the solid.. i love them! in 17 reviews.

  • I will never put anything else on my skin. in 14 reviews.

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My everyday powder. I love how it isn't heavy and it looks natural. SPF in the products is nice. I've tried other powders but never finish them and return to Bare Minerals. The brush cleaner is amazing and so worth the money ( it will last you a long time ). The blushes and hi-lighters are my new favorites. Prices are great!

I freakin love bare minerals! I am obsessed with their foundations! It's amazing on the skin, lightweights, and super soft, perfect for the everyday look!

bare minerals is awesome if you have sensitive skin! i love the way the makeup stays on your face all day, and touch ups are easy if you feel it's necessary.

I absolutely love this product! I highly recommend. Works especially well for those with oily skin.

I've used bareminerals for years! I use their new foundation rescue and have used their loose powders and hard compact foundation. Just recently got a lip gloss too it's creamy and minty really good stuff!

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My skin is really clean and smooth and doesn't need full coverage. however it's a bit oily. Recommend this brand for a natural look?


Yes, I have VERY oily skin and love this product.

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What is your favorite product from bare minerals?


There isn't much that I don't love from bareMinerals, but I am a big fan of their original foundation. It's very light, and it actually feels like your face can breathe! I also recently tried some of their Marvelous Moxie lipstick. I love the Speak Your Mind and Make Your Move colors!

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How well does their foundation work?


I have super sensitive skin and it works well for me. Most of their items are light to medium coverage so just keep that in mind. BareMinerals strives to look natural.

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