Restore RX LED Conditioning Tool - Thairapy 365

by Thairapy

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Thairapy 365Restore RX LED Conditioning ToolDetailsThe Thairapy 365 Restore RX Conditioning Tool is designed to combat hair-damaging elements. Regular use with hair treatment/oil will guarantee softer, silkier, and more manageable hair than ever. High frequency ultrasonic vibration breaks down leave-in conditioners and oils to molecules, allowing treatments to penetrate the hair cuticle, gaining maximum moisturizing results. Simultaneously, eight high-powered, heatless, True Infrared LED's open the hair follicle's cuticles, greatly accelerating the absorption, and Ultra Violet LED's clarify hair. High frequency ultrasonic vibration breaks down leave-in conditioners and oils to molecule sized particles. This ensures maximum absorption into open hair follicle cuticles. True Infrared Light opens the hair follicle cuticles, greatly accelerating the benefits of hair leave-in conditioners and treatment oils. Ultra Violet LEDs bathe the hair in antimicrobial light, clarifying the hair. Operating instructions Shampoo and condition your hair with professional quality hair care products. Rinse thoroughly. Towel-dry hair to remove excess moisture. While hair is damp, apply a leave- in conditioner evenly throughout hair and comb through. Divide hair into 1- 1 1/2 inch sections and pass the Restore RX Treatment Tool downward from root to tip in a slow, even motion. Hair will still be damp. The Restore RX will not dry or straighten hair. It only assists in infusing and penetrating treatment products deep into the hair cuticle. You may see steam, this is normal and part of the absorption process. Continue until all hair has been treated. Let hair air-dry or you can blow dry as normal. Follow with your usual styling routine. Recommended to use two days per week in conjunction for best results.


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