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Rescue® Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum

3.3 out of 5 stars
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Rescue Remedy® was developed by a doctor more than 75 years ago. RESCUE products help millions of women around the world stress less, stay calm and in control.* RESCUE provides gentle, non-habit forming relief from your everyday stresses like: • Planning a wedding • Juggling your hectic work-life schedule • Giving a presentation • Moving • Car trouble • Visiting the dentist • Taking an exam • Traveling RESCUE Remedy is available in several convenient formats to fit within your busy day. RESCUE Spray, Drops, Gum and Pastilles are easy to use, all-natural and safe for the entire family. Sold at: Whole Foods Markets, GNC and wherever you find natural products & health foods. Find out more at www.rescueremedy.com *These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.
Samantha F.
  • I actually learned about this in nursing school , and already tried this but in the gummy form in the tin can.I liked the taste of this gum but as others said it did not last long. in 18 reviews.

  • Patty M.
  • The flavor is nice and not overpowering, but only lasts maybe a minute or two, and after a short while the texture gets hard and gross. in 9 reviews.

  • Carly D.
  • However, I feel like the gum lost it's flavor and got hard very quickly so I spit it out after a few minutes. in 8 reviews.

  • Jennifer B.
  • The flavor did go away very quickly and left that "old gum that has been chewed way too long" taste in your mouth. in 7 reviews.

  • Lexi B.
  • The flavor didn't last to long (i mean it lasted longer than like zebra gum, but not as long as the usual supermarket brands like Orbit or whatever). in 5 reviews.


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    julianah f.

    The flavour is good and tasty especially when you bite into the centre the flavour stays but it gardens after some time

    Reanna R.

    flavour doesn't last long but really helped my breath....... gum gets hard but id still by it again.......

    Jessica F.

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    This gum has a nice mild sweet taste but the flavor does not last long at all & the gum gets hard rather quickly. As far as being stress free it doesn't have a very strong effect but it definitely helps!

    Kalyn P.

    I actually really like this gum because it does alleviate stress very quickly. I have the orange and elderflower flavor, and I really like the way it smells and tastes, but the flavor only lasts for a minute before it's just another piece of chewing gum in my mouth. It's OK that it loses the flavor because this gum is for stress relief, not flavor enjoyment, but I do really, really LOVE the way it tastes, so I wish the flavor lasted a little longer.
    I had my fiance try it as well because he finds his job to be very stressful, and he really liked it, but he also complained about the lasting power of the flavor.
    When I first received the gum, I was reading the back and saw that it says "excessive consumption may induce mild laxative effects" which concerns me a little bit. I don't really want to chew a gum to calm myself down and end up in a bathroom all day, but I hope that's only if I eat the whole package or something. That disturbed me a little bit.

    Winona S.

    This gum really did work for me it made a difference with chewing this gum under some stressful situations I have had to deal with,it seem to make me a lot calmer more a little relaxed...believe me when I say I have tested it out when I say I. Chewed the rescue gum more than once on different occasions and all when dealing with some stress at the time and each time I felt more calmer and relaxed,at first I had to tell myself let me make sure and chew the gum whenever I felt stressed a few more times and I did and it helped the same way everytime...it. really does recue you when chewing it I would definently give this gum a try if those of u haven't.the only thing I had a problem with is the flavor goes away so quick I mean really quick and the gum itself is a little hard to chew after awhile it does what all the other bchewing gum does with the consistency.other than that it does what it says it suppose to do.

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    Tatiyana E.
    Tatiyana E.

    Do you think this actually helps or do you think it is phycological ?

    1 answerJan 17 - 2013 - 9:21 p.m.
    arisbel t.
    arisbel t.

    does the gum actually relief your stress ????

    2 answersAug 16 - 2015 - 2:30 a.m.
    India H.
    India H.

    Is this gum really worth buying?

    1 answerApr 23 - 2014 - 4:28 p.m.
    ayanna c.
    ayanna c.

    does this gum really work?

    1 answerMar 25 - 2014 - 6:33 p.m.
    Caitlin H.
    Caitlin H.

    How much does this gum cost? Will it give me a stomachache?

    1 answerJan 25 - 2013 - 7:56 a.m.
    Demetre C.
    Demetre C.

    How long does the gum take to work and how long is it supposed to last?

    1 answerJan 03 - 2013 - 7:25 p.m.
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