I have sensitive skin and I'm always nervous to try new cleaners. Has anyone tried this one??
Rio Rancho , NM - il y a 8 ans

4 answers

I couldn’t even wash my face before I found this product. I have incredibly sensitive skin and murad face wash (the green one) is the only one I use!!! I cannot recommend it enough for sensitive skin. My whole Irish family (with super sensitive skin) uses it now. Absolutely get it! So worth it.
il y a 2 ans
I do not have overly sensitive skin but I do get bad acne and this product does not make my skin breakout ☺ hope this helps
il y a 6 ans
It worked pretty well on my skin but be warned, it has an incredibly strong chemical scent.
il y a 7 ans
Murad is great for those with sensitive skin, their formulas are generally less harsh! Theres no sulfates or parabens and it uses papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin!
il y a 7 ans