I really need something to extend the life of my blowouts. I would like to know what type of results people are getting by using this product. If I use this will I still need to put my hair in a bun to sleep?
4 years ago

2 answers

Ive been using this product since christmas along with a thermal brush and I love it. I apply the product after I get out of the shower and then let my hair naturally get semi dry. I then use my thermal brush to blowdry/blowout my hair and I find it lasts me about 2-4 days depending on the weather and how I sleep. Usually on day 3 i just touch up the top of my head to lift it up a little for volume. I recommend it forsure and I dont sleep with anything on my hair I just have a silk pillow.
3 years ago
I have been using this primer and the dry shampoo from this line and I haven't had good results in terms of blowouts looking good the next day. The primer is great for blow drying though, it makes the process super speedy!
4 years ago