rana™ all natural spaghetti

by Rana

Is This Your Brand?


My Story: I'm Giovanni Rana, born near Verona, Italy, and passionate about making pasta for over 50 years. The finest ingredients make my pasta the #1 refrigerated pasta in Italy. My pasta is made using traditional Italian recipes, like my grandmother's. Look at my pasta. The texture is a little bit rough, like hand rolled. We use a special machine to recreate the qualities of hand rolled pasta. The special texture means the pasta cooks quickly, holds sauce well, and doesn't stick together. Notice the square shape of my spaghetti. This style is made at home using a special tool called "chitarra" (pronounced key-tahr-rah, it is Italian for guitar). The tool looks like guitar strings. I am pleased to cross the ocean to America, sharing my passion with you. Buon appetito a tutti. Giovanni Rana.


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