Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau de Toilette ? Would you remember recommend this cologne to a hard-working male or a laid-back guy behind the chair
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Both, the parfum as you know lasts longer, so say this hard working man was a construction worker, wanted to smell good while framing up a house. It would definitely work, and not fade away as quickly. For the man who works with a pen or keyboard it's still subtle enough for the office but powerful enough to let others know he's wearing cologne.
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Hmmm interesting question! So I would say this. For a day to day afternoon kind of fragrance I would see more the laid back-office worker type. However I think the main polo accord is still there & could see a more blue collar type of guy really enjoying this as his going out cologne.
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Ya I would recommend it as it lasts long but make a note it has a light fragrance. If you love light fragrance go for it.
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