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Radius Canine Organic Dental...
2 Reviews
5 / 5
I got the puppy version of this set, and I absolutely love it! It makes teeth brushing a walk in the park for my pup & i. She loves its taste & scent. It also does a great job at keeping her teeth really clean. However, i would’ve preferred if the toothbrush had bristles all around, as that would make cleaning even easier, faster & more effective.
5 / 5
I noticed that my 2.5 year old dog’s teeth were looking a bit yellow especially on her canine teeth. I’ve never brushed her teeth only given her bones and dental sticks. I purchased [product:radius-canine-organic-dental-solutions-kit-adult-1-ct-pack-of-2] on [brand:grove-collaborative] specifically because of the great reviews and it’s organic. The toothpaste flavor is coconut oil, cinnamon, sweet potato and mint. Surprisingly my dog loves it! She loves the taste and lets me brush her teeth. It came in a nice storage container, too.