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Radically Rejuvenating...
43 Reviews
Picked this up at Whole Foods. What a great find for less than $10. I love how gentle and smooth it is on my face 💜💓
I love this cleanser! I had a nice light minty-ness, and is gentle yet thorough. It leaves my face clean without feeling stripped. I would definitely buy it again.
I honestly wasn’t a fan of this cleanser. It’s very gentle, maybe to a fault, my face didn’t actually feel clean after using, but at the same time slightly dry, and it has an off scent to it , almost like a sour minty scent. After finishing the bottle, I saw no change to my skin.
This radically rejuvenating cleansing cream is very gentle on my sensitive skin. It provides the desired feeling of cleanliness without overdrying it. The price is beyond reasonable. The entire radically rejuvenating line from acure is amazing
I love this whole line by a cute. It is great for my dry eczema prone skin. I find that my skin feels soft and and hydrated after this cleanser. Plus it’s affordable, with great ingredients!
Probably one of my favorite cleansers ever. Feels refreshing, you only need a little bit, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. also super affordable.
This smells great and feels great. Just avoid the eye area as it can sting eyes. But it feels so amazing on my skin. I use it in the shower and it is really softening and refreshing. The mint scent is really nice too.
I really love how clean it leaves my face, non drying and it doesn’t brake me out. Would recommend.
This cream is amazing. I apply it with an exfoliating brush or with my hands. It has such a creamy texture. I will apply and let it sit on my face for a few seconds before washing off. My skin always feels so clean but doesn’t have that stripped of all moisture feel afterwards.
This product was in my allure may beauty box. It’s expensive I did try the sample they sent and it was good but to me had a soapy feel.