QSHAVE Athena Women's Manual Shaving Razor with Triple Stainless Steel Blades (Compatible with Sensor Excel)

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3.55 / 5 star rating
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11 reviews


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I loved Athen razors when they first came out but since I started under a new account I have been very unimpressed. Every single blade I’ve received has been dull and with zero lubrication. I have gotten the worst razor burn ever and this not something I normally struggle with not to mention I don’t even get a close shave AT ALL!!! Also, the blade does not magnetize to the wall attachment and falls off the wall within moments. Very underwhelmed.
3.00 / 5 star rating
3 / 5
Idk how I feel about this razor. Pros it has a nice heavy feel to it but it has that moisture piece on the bottom below the razors instead Of being on top. Idk if that makes sense. But sometimes I get a nice good smooth shave after opening a new blade but after a day or two it just doesn’t do as good of a job
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
The item above is not the correct item. Check out the photos below. The Athena Club razors are the best I have tried so far. I have not tried every single o yet but I am done. This is such a close shave and the blades last me forever. The refills $12 for a pack of 4 that come in a nice zipper pouch. The initial unit comes packaged nicely with a razor, nice and fairly weighty that has a magnetic stick-on round button that has held up so far for months in the shower, and 2 blades. If you shave every day then 1 blade will last you a good month at least! Seriously, this one is my favorite so far hands down and I am hooked.