QFX Portable Tailgate Speaker-Red

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6 reviews


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3 / 5
I owe a kids entertainment company. So basically i needed it for the party...what I can say its decent quality pricewise... I actually purchased now JBL system which is totally different quality of music...but the price is like 5 times more... I have 2 QFX speakers...i bought them like 1 year apart... I was thinking to pair them to have better volume. Its says if its same model it will connect.... So it didn't...and than I realized, even if its same model number...they slightly different from the back as you can see on the pic.. .so its sucks... And actually newer model just a year later making wired sounds.... Pros: price is low, light weight, has wheels and handle to carry, loud Cons: not great quality of the music,loud, but not enough for big parties....esprssialy if its outside
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Very good for tailgating or even camping or anything outdoors. It also looks like a backpack to fool people.
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5 / 5
Very handy!!! Plays in good quality and the last a long time! Will definitely recommend!