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PX Pro Xanthine XT 500 (30 Capsules) by FINAFLEX at the Vitamin Shoppe

PX Pro Xanthine XT 500 (30 Capsules) by FINAFLEX at the Vitamin Shoppe


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This is the second thermogenic fat burning product I’ve tried. I don’t typically take any caffeine supplements or have energy drinks. I’ll occasionally use a pre-work out. I’m not sure that I would use this again. I received a sample of this product from vitamin shop with the purchase. I read reviews about it before trying it out so I kind of had an idea of what to expect. This product definitely gave me a burst of energy but I was shaky also. I was sweating a lot, having cold sweats and had goosebumps all over. This product also made me go to the bathroom a ton of times in the first two hours after taking it. I started eating my first meal of the day less than a half hour after taking this and I could barely even eat half of my meal because I started to feel nauseous and I also didn’t really have a desire to eat (which is very unusual for me because I love food). I worked out at the gym three hours after taking this product. I didn’t even take any pre-work out because I didn’t think I could handle it. Once I started working out I felt completely fine, had no issues, & felt normal. I don’t know that I would take this again unless I’m working out right away after taking it but I still don’t know because that nauseous feeling was not fun.

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