34 Questions
Michelle L.
What is your favorite mattress company?
Laura D.
Would you say this is a good mattress for someone who spends a lot of time in bed due to physical disabilities?
Sarah L.
Is it that great? Just spent 1500 on a mattress and I hate it. I’ve considered buying this one.
Jayme R.
My husband tends to be a hot sleeper. Does anyone know if these mattresses are suitable for people that are comfortable for people that are warmer sleepers?
I have a queen sz bed and need a new mattress Have been wanting the purple mattress. But very expensive and worried it isn’t right for me. My sister is hoping I get one first to let her know my opinion of it
Jesica M.
Did anyone get a survey about testing a mattress??
Emily A.
Does this mattress hold up over time? My memory foam mattress has slightly sunk on the edges.
Gretchen P.
Is purple worth the money? I am a side sleeper and husband is a back sleeper. Would you recommend?
Taylor M.
Compared to Serta, what are your general thoughts of this brand? I’m in the market for a queen sized mattress and I want to weigh my options
Erica D.
How comfortable is this mattress every sleeping on it for a while?