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Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla

4.4 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars61%
  • 4 Stars27%
  • 3 Stars9%
  • 2 Stars3%
  • 1 Star1%
#19 in Tea

Pure Leaf hot Black Tea with Vanilla incorporates single origin Indian Assam tea with Madagascan vanilla beans to create a tea-forward taste with a delectable hint of vanilla. Madagascan vanilla is well known for its indulgent taste that lingers on your palate with a long, luscious finish. We use the orthodox black tea leaf with bright marigold petals and flakes of vanilla beans and natural flavoring to deliver a rich aroma and smooth, indulgent taste.

Brewing instructions:

Place one pyramid tea bag in a mug. Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly. Pour eight ounces into the mug and brew for 3 minutes. Squeeze bag and remove.

Brews 16 servings of Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla per jar.

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla
Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla
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Eve T.
Eve T.

27 reviews

This is the second half of a box I received from Influenster and it is very similar to the other type I reviewed except the rating and last comment.   Both teas I received were good in terms of taste but  my preference went to
the Green Tea with Citrus over the Black Tea with Vanilla.  They are Rain Forest
Alliance Certified, of an Indonesian  type of green tea or from India in Assam
black tea.   I tried them hot and cold, with honey, sugar, plain, black tea with
milk, refrigerated and with ice, regular strength and diluted over a longer
time to see my impression.  For my own health and item I was likely to buy on my
own and to combine better with my food choices, I feel my purchase in the future
will be the Green Tea with Citrus.   It contained Lemongrass and the other
person drinking it has an acid condition, so the dried orange also made sense. 
It does have Licorice Root though not sure how much and they have major health
issues and age, so of course I drink it more often.  I do not remember the
health condition the Licorice affects or if it has interactions, but it was only
half a cup within a time they had digestive problems.  Therefore, it was not
problematic.  The Black Tea with Vanilla is within a range I often find in
brands so  may be of interest to others but I did not like it with honey.  It
has a pyramid type of bag which is stronger than the usual types and so it was
made in a French coffee press of several types, in a drip coffee maker, and just
poured into a mug or tea cup with heated water.  I found it still worked with
being less in strength.  For this one, I did not particularly find it interesting with milk either and preferred it hot and if added sweetness sugar. 
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.
Harvey, LA

14 reviews

I have to start this off by saying I've been drinking this for a very long time. I'm a huge fan of all of Pure Leaf's tea products. I'm a down South gal so my taste buds naturally gravitate towards tea. I LOVE this stuff! My favorite has been the Black Tea with Vanilla for a long time- but it did take me a while to get warmed up to this flavor. I remember when I first tried it, the vanilla was a little strong for me without any other sweeteners. I've even had one person tell me that it taste like potpourri without a sweetener LOL. But when I got the perfect amount of sugar- and every now and then cream concoction- it's perfect! I usually drink this with 2 tsp of sugar and dab of French Vanilla creamer for taste. It does make the vanilla come out a bit more but it's not as intense with the cream. Hot tea is a very iffy thing to recommend to a non tea drinker so I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes tea and who likes a vanilla flavor especially. I received this complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own!
Aly N.
Aly N.

15 reviews

First it's important to know that I'm not a huge hot tea drinker. However, when I opt for tea, I'm big on classic black tea without anything frilly. Enter Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla.

I've been a long-time fan of Pure Leaf. I buy their cold bottled teas fairly often (particularly their tea-lemonade combination) and I know they're a safe bet to avoid more unhealthy drinks with an exceptional number of artificial ingredients. This tea is no different—it's not my favorite, but I'll definitely be finishing the rest of the bags.

The tea smells strongly of vanilla when you open the package, which is both a good and a bad thing. I love the smell of vanilla extract, but I'm super wary of vanilla-flavored anything because it's historically tasted like a candle smells. This tea's vanilla flavor is more muted than you'd think—unfortunately so are the black tea elements, which I didn't find strong enough to my taste, even after letting it steep for much longer than necessary. Not bad.
Breann C.
Breann C.
Highland Park, NJ

247 reviews

I'm not normally a tea drinker but I gave this new product a try. My first thoughts were that it smelled really fantastic. The vanilla smell was really lovely and inviting and left me wanted to try it right away to get some of that flavor. I heated up some water and stared right in with the vanilla black tea!
The smell coming off of my now warm mug was still off the charts but upon first sip I was a little bit let down. The vanilla flavoring was not as strong as I was anticipating it to be, but that being said I did think it has a really nice and smooth flavor. I added a sweetener packet to bring some sweetness and I was very happy. I left the tea bag in for the entirety of my tea experience because I wanted a nice strong tea flavor and I got it.
After actually enjoying this cup of tea, I am looking forward to incorporating this into my morning routine. It was a nice warm wake up with fantastic flavor and no sugar! A new tea drinker has been born!
Francis S.
Francis S.

264 reviews

I received this in the Pure Leaf VoxBox. I'm not a huge black tea fan because sometimes it can be intense so I wasn't sure if I'd like this. I was surprised after steeping 3 minutes past the recommended amount (2 minutes) it was still not overwhelming and overpowering. It has a very light vanilla undertone. I usually use 2 sugar packets but had to use 3 on this one since it had no sweetness factor on its own but that's to be expected with the ingredients: black tea, ground vanilla beans, marigold petals, natural flavor. I wish they would specify on the packaging if it contains caffeine like most of the other tea box competitors do (not that it doesn't contain it but since sometimes manufacturers pull the caffeine from black tea leaves and specify both either way). Overall, it wasn't my favorite tea (and I love hot tea) and so it will not be in the batch of teas I keep constantly stocked in my house. Thank you Influenster for letting me test.
Natalie B.
Natalie B.
concord, ca

98 reviews

I opened the bottle and immediately felt like there was fresh sugar cookies from the oven somewhere. I was nervous that the tea itself would make me think of eating cookies.
As the tea was steeping the freshness of the vanilla and the black tea became obvious. I loved the smooth scent that was coming from my cup.

As the tea was finished steeping i dove right in. Today is the kind of day where the rains are pouring the winds are blowing everything, and this is the perfect time for a nice cup of hot tea. i love that this tea is smooth, that it is a good black tea flavor and that the vanilla isn't too overwhelming.

i do not like that the tea has an aftertaste when it cools down. its almost an oily finish. i gave the 4 stars because of how it transported me when i needed an escape, but the 5th star isn't earned because of the finish of the tea, and i don't see myself reaching for this overtime i need that escape.
Amanda T.
Amanda T.
San Antonio, TX

99 reviews

Thank you to Influenster and Pure Leaf for the Pure Leaf Influenster Box of Free Full-Sized Samples for an Honest Review! I'm deeply grateful and truly excited to be part of this groups for this product.I am big tea connoisseur, so the moment I saw this box I jumped for it and I am so incredibly glad I did. Being that I am a connoisseur, you can bet that I made sure to follow all directions, boiling water to the right temperature and only steeping long enough to get the best of a green tea leaf in my hot (and cold) tea samplings.The Black Tea with Vanilla is going to end up somewhere high up on my lists forever into the future. I love, love, love black teas, especially dark blacks, that are more like the coffee of teas, and this one fits in perfectly there. It's a deep, dark black flavor, that curls into you warming you up, while the vanilla is mellow and warming itself. I'm so addicted! <3 
Chelsea W.
Chelsea W.

47 reviews

To start off with, I would just say I'm actually not a huge fan of black teas. However, Pure Leaf has made a tea that has allowed me to really appreciate the Black Tea and Vanilla type that I tried. I still found it to be a tad more bitter than I would have liked, but if you steep it just right, it honestly is a really great tea. Yet, still can't get rid of the slight bitter taste no matter what you do, and sugar/stevia/whatever only makes it worse. The vanilla is what really made it for me though. I'm not a huge vanilla person either, so you would really think this tea would go in the trash for me, but for some reason, that vanilla just does it for me! Both the smell and the taste are something that intrigue me and keep me coming back for more. I'd definitely give this tea overall another star if I could get in tune with its more bitter self, but on the other hand...that vanilla!!!
Claire P.
Claire P.

403 reviews

I am a huge fan of black tea with either subtle flavors or no added flavor at all. This tea is delicious, smooth, and has a nice, subtle vanilla flavor to it.

I'm not super picky about my tea unless it contains too many flavors, so much that it's overpowering or is extremely bitter. This tea is very soothing and has light flavor which I like.

I love the pyramid-shaped bags and the design of the bottle. It stands out from other brands since it's not just packs of tea in a box.

I took my first sip of it without any added sugar or honey. It was not too bitter. I only added honey because I had a bit of a cold so I've been drinking lots of tea with honey. It tasted great with and without honey.

I would definitely purchase especially if it's around the same price or cheaper than other brands.

I received this product for free in my VoxBox in exchange for my honest opinion. :)
Tanisha C.
Tanisha C.
Brooklyn, NY

83 reviews

At first I was nervous to try flavored tea. I only drink tea with lemon. So I received this product to try and loved the overall package. I used 2 tea bags the first time I made a pot because I wanted to make sure I could taste the vanilla. I loved how it smelled while it was sitting in the boiling water. I let the tea bags sit for about 3 min and let it cool before adding sugar to taste. I noticed that I didn't need as much sugar because I taste the strong flavor of the vanilla which is  a good thing because I was thinking it would disappear when cooled. Overall the Black tea with  vanilla  is great tasting and I normally don't drink flavor tea so this was something new and something I will drink more of. Next time I made another smaller cup and the 1 tea bag was just as strong as using 2. So I know that the vanilla flavor will be tasted in every brew. 
Nichole B.
Nichole B.
Memphis, TN

241 reviews

Do you add sugar to the tea
Karen S.
Karen S.

386 reviews

What did you add to your tea? I wanna make the most out of the 16 bags I got complimentary from Influenster. TIA!
Yvonne H.
Yvonne H.
Summerville, PA

43 reviews

Is the vanilla flavor strong?
Cassandra M.
Cassandra M.

33 reviews

How much vanilla flavor is there? Is it really overpowering?
Heather C.
Heather C.

59 reviews

Ive only seen this and the green tea with citrus. Anyone seen any other flavors?

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