Has anyone used Hair Envy by Vitality Extracts? Does it help with thinning hair? It is a mix of essential oils.  Their website description is:  "Hair Envy is a powerful and carefully crafted combination of pure essential oils to repair, protect and nourish your hair. Formulated for all hair types, it promotes hair’s healthy growth, shine and gloss leaving the hair fuller, softer and easier to style.
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All I know is I left an honest review of the product and my review was deleted on their website....so you only see the really good reviews. It’s okay. Strong smell and makes your hair look greasy but a good pre shower for hair
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I'd like to see the pics of before and after if Marilyn's hair. I've been using hair envy for 3 months..faithfully and with sadness I've seen no change wgat so ever..
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I have been using Hair Envy for a while now and definitely notice a difference. My hair was very fine and I was having a lot of hair loss. My hair is thicker, stronger, and even growing faster! I love the shine and the smell, too! It's great to find a 100% natural product that works so well! (I have pictures to show my hair but not sure how to add them)
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