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PÜR PÜR X Trolls World Tour Rock Eyeshadow Palette

PÜR PÜR X Trolls World Tour Rock Eyeshadow Palette


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I love this. Absolutely love this. The shades are gorgeous, they last all day, and it smells really nice! The gunmetal glitter shade does has a lot of fallout, but that is really my only complaint. I'd happily repurchase this time and time again!
This is not for me. The colors online are misleading. The white is a shimmer with hints of red, so I didn’t like that one as a highlight. The light gray turned out to be a light silver shimmer which really didn’t look good as a highlight either. The gray in the center was also a silver shimmer which looked even worse on me. So I tried the other colors which seemed matte but did have a little shimmer in each one. The taupe on the left turned out to be a darker brown on my lids. And as I got past the top layer it had a black tint to it. I did try the red as a crease color and it wasn’t too bad. I just would have liked a better highlight to go with it. And the black was definitely black and was the only true color in the entire palette. I did end up using this color as a liner and was the only real success for me in this palette. I wouldn’t waste my money.
Loveeeed it! I take a star out because it has a lot of fall off and if you don't wear primer won't be as pigmented or stay that long. . But doing that looks stunning!!!
Has anyone tried of seen any reviews on this? I feel like the troll theming aside, the actual product looks to be so chic and high end, but perhaps the timing of the launch impeded its launch impact. So for anyone familiar with these shadows, can you tell us about it?
Love the color story on this palette but how good are the shadows?
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