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PUR Classic 11 Cup Pitcher with LED

PUR Classic 11 Cup Pitcher with LED


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I love this filter system. Having fresh clean water at any time of day or night was amazing. And the fact that it holds so much means I do not have to constantly refill it My only complaint was that it was difficult to fit into my fridge in a way that did not interfere with other things in my fridge
I use this everyday all day! All I drink is water and this has been my favorite water pitcher so far. The only thing I really loved it had a little led light that would let you know when to change the filter and After a few months it went out on me but I just use the window cling it also came with and the reminder marker so I remember when to change out the filters. Great tasting water!
Hemos usado este los ultimos 3 años, aunque los filtros han subido demasiado los precios. Y se me ha hecho conplicado conseguirlos. Es por eso que cambiaremos de marca. Hay mas economicas y tienen los filtros en cualquier lado
I have a Brita, a very old one that still works but that is now starting to break a bit. Would I be happy trading brand??
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How fast is water ready to drink?
Do you have to change the filters often? And does it take out a taste like some towns water has??
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