I remember as a kid i would have these often because I hated water... Are they still good and about how many calories are in it?
Rocky Hill, CT - il y a 5 ans

7 answers

very good and no calories
il y a 6 mois
These are amzaing and they have no calories because its purenwater it passes the water tester.
il y a un an
0 calories
il y a 3 ans
They’re really good, especially for working out! I’m pretty sure it has 0 calories bc it’s technically water
il y a 3 ans
These are good for hydration. You may just want to flavor your water with lemons or fruit If you have time. Otherwise, it's a better option than Gatorade unless you are in a dead sweat and need electrolytes (after a soccer game for instance).
il y a 5 ans
These are good for after working out/ being active. Drinking this is better then not drinking water at all.
il y a 5 ans
They are good, but aren't great for you. Calories depend on the flavor and type you get
il y a 5 ans