Propel Flavored Water

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This is the only way I can intake water to maintain hydration. The taste of the kiwi strawberry is my favorite it’s subtle but enough to satisfy a sweet juice craving. A big pack at my local Walmart is only $10.
5.00 / 5 star rating
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These things got me through 4 months in El Paso dry heat. I was so dehydrated that I was dizzy and felt awful and didn't even realize it due to the dry daily heat. I started drinking one or two of these every day along with more water and it helped hydrate. Just getting the electrolytes to help the water do it's thing really helped. I also like that it's a lighter flavor and minimal calories.
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5 / 5
Matias of these waters are really good there’s zero sugar and they have lots of flavor. Our favorite is the kiwi strawberry the packaging is in a bottle you can get a small bottle or a large bottle. The ingredients are all natural. It makes you hydrated like Gatorade, and the price is very reasonable for flavored water, there’s no coloring so it doesn’t have any extra artificial flavors