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Propel Fit Water Beverage Natural Lemon

Propel Fit Water Beverage Natural Lemon


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My niece and nephew drink this but I just cannot get on this flavored water kick I don’t like it I think it is gross. But I do buy them for my niece and nephew.
One of the few, if the only, flavored bottled water I’ll buy. They’re delicious and refreshing.
Propel is my #1 choice in flavored water. Lemon is my #1 flavor choice in the flavor of propel. Lastly, my favorite propel product would be the individual lemon flavor water bottle packets in the box. My choice of this product over the bottled lemon water is for a few reasons. Obviously less purchase of plastic is by far the best for our earth and cost effective wise. Much less trash with the individual packets as well as easy to keep on hand and in my handbag for my daughter and self. As far as liquids go, I only drink filtered water, hot tea and almond milk. I rarely drink juices with the high content of sugar, I choose to eat my fruits or make fruit & veggie smoothies.
Does the Propel Fit water have a after taste?
Is the water really sweet?
This flavor is delicious, the natural lemon will also help you burn fat because of the natural acidic content in lemon! Plus you're keeping hydrated all at the same time
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