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Primal Pet Foods Raw Dog Beef Nuggets 3 lbs
Primal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods Raw Dog Beef Nuggets 3 lbs


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Love love love!! Switched to raw pet food about 3 months ago & this brand was top recommended and reviews spoke highly for themselves. It uses high end quality ingredients from well sourced places with least amount of negative exposure of chemicals. Animals are high quality proteins and organic fruits & vegetables. No grains and no fillers!! You pet gets raw meat & vegetables they need not dry processed sprayed on crap. This brand is top in my book. Easy to store & use. Daily feeding 6 cups so a 3lb bag lasts 2 days but thats raw food. It's a decent price considering the convenience. Only think they MUST DO IS MAKE BIGGER SIZED BAGS FOR BIG DOGS. Im tired buying 3lb to 6lb bags. Please make a 15lb bag and allow us not having to run every two days to store to re stock. Bigger bags needed.
My Yorkie poo is in love with this food! We bought it for a birthday treat and now he won’t eat his food without it! We mix dry dog food with a thawed nugget to add some hard texture for his teeth. I have been blown away by the high quality of these nuggets and how they could actually be human food.
This is a good raw food for your dog but my dog just got tired of it and stopped eating it so we had to switch. He did eat it for a while though. Kinda pricey but you get what you pay for! If you want to feed your dog something good this is it but not all dogs will eat it.
Iss this product expensive and did you dig like it?
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