25 Questions
charlie B.
follow for follow, but is pretty potter worth the hype cause i’ve been wanting to switch over but i also started hearing that its a health concern cause i guess since it’s so small they can inhale it?!?! 🥺
Rebecca H.
Would you recommend PrettyLitter for someone with two cats that share a litter box?
Elizabeth F.
I would love to sample this litter. I have a full grown momma Kitty (unknown age, stray who adopted us) and one of her babies (8 weeks) and they both use litter box. Looking for a good litter to use for them because we don't care for the mess we get with regular litter. Is this worth it? I already have a litter trapping mat but still would love less mess to clean up
Kassie S.
What is the best cat litter? One that has almost no smell at all. Cat litter is such a pain in the butt
Kristy Ann D.
Have you tried pretty litter? What did you think of it?
Jessica R.
What do we think about this litter? My cats are sensitive to regular litters
Cassie B.
I just bought this. Is it worth the hype?!
Pali Y.
Calling all cat lovers Has anyone used this with their cats? What’s your thoughts?
Laura B.
Has anyone else started using Pretty Litter? I'm very happy with the results PrettyLitter Cat Litter - 8lb
Michelle J.
I really want to try this because of the color changing health detection. Does that work good? Has this helped anyone catch a UTI in their cat or anything? PrettyLitter Cat Litter - 8lb