So are these meal replacement shakes? Would it be a good idea to drink one for dinner if I’m trying to lose weight?
Ripley - 8 months ago

5 answers

You can; but usually shakes are used for convenience. Protein calories are protein calories so I’d rather eat chicken. But if I’m in a rush or I’m lazy I will grab a shake. Why do you want to meal replace?
San Francisco, CA - 8 months ago
I'd say you could use it as a main part of your meal, but I'd suggest adding some form of light solid food. :)
Aurora, CO - 8 months ago
I like drinking these for breakfast. That way it keeps me satisfied for most of the day, so I’m not snacking or eating extra calories. I’ve also used it as a creamer in my coffee. It gives the extra protein and some added flavor!
San Diego, CA - 8 months ago