I've never tried protein shakes but I hear they're amazing for those who are trying to gain muscle , what's your opinion on the right brand?
3 years ago

4 answers

I like all of the Cytosport brand powders..especially the flavor varieties plus health benefits of their muscle milk and the 100% whey is good also. they arehigh protein, low sugar and low carb but with added vitamins plus mct healthy fats
Gloucester, MA - 3 years ago
Natures bounty for women is a great place to start since it also has vitamins and it taste great and that does blend pretty well you can find it for a good price online I usually get it at CVS but only when I have plenty of coupons
3 years ago
I don't know about building muscles but I know the macros are really good on those. Low sugar and carbs and 30 grams of protein for 160 calories. Compared to a protein bar this would be all of them.
Temple Terr, FL - 3 years ago
The brand is not the important thing, but the nutrients on the product is what really matters. Either it is a protein bar, drink, smoothie or whatever... Look for something that has +24-25 grs of protein per serving, no sugar, a maximum of 10grs of carbs and that is fat free or has very little in it.
Rogers, AR - 3 years ago