I have heard great things about this product but I was wondering if they taste chalky? I have tried many protein shakes before and some of them had a grainy taste. I've been wanting to try the chocolate and vanilla.
3 years ago

3 answers

Surprisingly so, the vanilla and chocolate flavors are delicious and great meal replacements. The peaches and cream is also good. I have actually gradually lost weight using as breakfast replacement.
Tallahassee - a month ago
Thank you!! You're very welcome!! Happy New Year to you as well!
Shepherdsvlle, KY - 3 years ago
I'm the same way when it comes to protein shakes/drinks. This one is not chalky at all. It's actually very tasty. This is actually my favorite....unless something better comes along. No disappointment here!
Shepherdsvlle, KY - 3 years ago