I have very thick hair and the length goes to about where my bra strap sits. Could I get away with one box or should I just do two? I haven’t tried this brand yet but I’ve heard all but good things about it. I really want to go dark brown or even black. I have light brown hair at the moment. :)
Leander, TX - il y a 4 ans

2 answers

At least 2. Usually thick hair needs 2 or more boxes of dye. I'd recommend buying 2-3 boxes, you can always return whatever you don't use 😉
il y a 4 ans
At least 2 or even three if it is very thick. I know if I did mine three would be needed and I have similar length (maybe slightly longer) and very thick hair. Although I have to say I would never do mine myself even though I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for 22 yrs. It is impossible to get it to look like a professional did it when you do it yourself for the simple reason that you cannot have a good enough view to be able to properly apply the color. Have someone help you who has done it before at the very least, please. Just to save you heartache over it afterwards. XOX
il y a 4 ans