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Power+ 15" String Trimmer with Rapid Reload Head
EGO Power plus

Power+ 15" String Trimmer with Rapid Reload Head


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I got this trimmer in a combo that also came with a blower, 4.0 ah battery, and a charger. I picked up the ego lawn mower a few months ago and wanted to get another battery, but the 7.5 ah battery runs about 500 ! So I looked into trimmers and found this combo. There is another available with a 2.5ah battery, but for an extra 30 bucks you can get the 4.0ah one... well worth it. I am extremely impressed with this trimmer . The 4.0ah battery lasts a long time, and I even put the 7.5ah from the mower in it and.... Whew! That thing did everything I needed and still had a few bars left... And I was using it a long time! Reloading line is super easy compared to any trimmer I have ever had.... Definitely a bonus there too. It is not super light, but it is well balanced. It actually feels lighter than my DeWalt trimmer. I was on the fence about getting Ego for a long time, but started seeing many influencers with them putting them through many tests. I really want and need to get the rider mower someday when I can afford it. All I gotta say is if you are looking to get away from gas... This brand is the one to get. #greenthumb #fathersday #tools #yardwork #ego

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