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My cats know when I pop open that tube. They sprint to get these moist treats. They are an absolute delightful treat for my cats. Great to add to a bobble treat toy or just general treat.

Product reviewed: Tuna Treat

These little treats are perfect for cats that love snacking. They are small so you can give the cat multiple a day. Out of all the treats my cats tried, these are his favorite.

Product reviewed: Tuna Treat

My cats aren't big on these, my friend's cat will eat them and loves the treats, her cat has never met a treat that they didn't like

Product reviewed: Tuna Treat

We just got a kitten and I was wondering if these are safe for kittens to have?
Has anyone else’s’ cat gotten sick from these? Since I started giving him these he’s been much less energetic.
Good they go crazy for them , what are some other good ones ?
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