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I signed up for a Poshmark account back in 2021 and while I heard some had success, I thought I should give it a try. I usually go to the brick and mortar store locally (Plato’s Closet) to resell clothing but haven’t had any luck. I resigned into the app recently and decided to put up a few listings. I followed all the picture guidelines and filled out the necessary information. Within seconds of posting I had reshares, likes, and a couple of comments. I was hopeful that someone was interested. To my dismay, it was only a comment from a user (probably a bot) that expressed interest but said the pictures on the app were blurry and wanted me to send the information via email instead. I was immediately on guard. I was opposed to it and commented back to see if I could share it DM to her Poshmark account. Unable to and her username didn’t even register. Not about 2 minutes later I get the same comments on a different listing from two different users saying they can’t see the photos and they want to be emailed. Fortunately I hopped over to Reddit and found out this is a common scam. I am very unimpressed. It seems like users are either bots or they make this their business / source of income. Most of the items are cheap looking and something I can’t imagine someone seeking out to buy. Brand name and luxury items I understand but at the same time it just perplexes me how this company is still in business or how people make a living selling on Poshmark. Anyways, I downloaded other similar apps and will be deactivating my account too. I’d rather donate my clothes
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I've been a Poshmark seller and buyer for years and recommend them if you are looking for deals or for anything hard to find. I've gotten the best deals on there, for new items priced well below retail, or for gently used items at great prices. You have to remember, you are buying from a random stranger, so you have to be smart, and knowing the basic do's and don'ts will help you have a good experience there. Like any selling/buying platform, there will be people trying to scam, so I recommend reading up on how to do returns and when returns are allowed. Ask the necessary questions before you buy, and NEVER communicate off the platform. When it comes to selling, its not the best site. The seller fees are high, their search function is terrible and actually makes finding items difficult sometimes, and you'll find that buyers always want to haggle you for the lowest possible price. On the plus side, listing items is very easy, there are no fees up front, and their flat rate shipping makes shipping items out extremely easy and convenient.
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As a user, I would rate Poshmark 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here's why: Large Selection: Poshmark offers a vast selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, and more from a diverse range of sellers. With millions of items available for sale, users can find unique and stylish pieces to suit their personal style preferences. Easy Buying Process: Poshmark's platform makes it easy to browse, search, and purchase items. The app features intuitive navigation and search filters that allow users to quickly find the items they're looking for. The buying process is straightforward, with secure payment options and buyer protection policies in place. Seller Community: Poshmark fosters a vibrant community of sellers who share their listings, styling tips, and fashion inspiration. Users can follow their favorite sellers, engage with them through comments and likes, and even attend virtual Posh Parties to discover new items. Seller Protection: Poshmark provides seller protection policies that help ensure a safe and fair selling experience. Sellers are protected against scams, fraudulent buyers, and unauthorized returns, giving them peace of mind when listing their items for sale. Social Shopping Experience: Poshmark offers a social shopping experience that goes beyond traditional e-commerce platforms. Users can interact with sellers and other buyers, share listings with their followers, and participate in virtual shopping events like Posh Parties. Sustainable Fashion: Poshmark promotes sustainability by facilitating the resale of pre-owned items. Buying and selling gently used clothing and accessories helps reduce waste and extend the lifecycle of fashion items, making it an environmentally friendly choice for shoppers. Seller Tools and Support: Poshmark provides sellers with tools and resources to help them succeed, including listing templates, shipping labels, and marketing tips. The platform also offers seller support and customer service to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.